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Sunscreens made out of the 90% black fabric

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This is one installation of sunscreens that you would want done well and professionally by someone like Josh Hobbes. These sunscreens, especially these half‑arched sunscreens that you have here on the second floor, top left‑hand side of this home, those guys are incredibly difficult to make.

They’re incredibly difficult to get right, to get the bends right, to make them outline the outer edges of the window just perfectly. It is so easy to mess up a project like this. It is so easy to have an end result look really bad. This end result looks flawless. It’s perfect. It is a really, really well done sunscreens for windows job.

Take a peek at our Austin Solar Screens FOR Less website of which has plenty of illustrative Solar Screen Videos, Customer Reviews, Pictures of our Solar Window Screen jobs, and thorough Examples postings of our work.

These sunscreens are made out of the 90 percent black fabric. You can probably tell by this picture. For more PICTURES of solar window screens. They look really dark. Take a look at those four windows there in the top left side. You have two half‑arches, and then in the center, you have a rectangular window.

It’s probably about 34 inches wide by about 84 inches tall. Then above that, you have a half‑circle. That’s a culmination of four of our sunscreens. That’s four windows, therefore it takes four sunscreens.

Now to the right, above the garage doors, you have three rectangular windows and three half‑circle windows. Man, that’s a complicated install. Those screens were very difficult to manufacture and make, but the beautiful thing is, our pricing is fixed.

It doesn’t matter how complicated it is to you. It does not affect the pricing one bit. Our pricing is set in stone, regardless of the complexity. It is a simple, easy to figure out, flat‑rate pricing system.