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Sun Shades for Windows

Sunshades for windows are an innovative way to help increase the energy efficiency of your home through a simple modification to your structure. A shading device is installed outside a home’s window instead of placing a film on the glass or awning over the window to reduce the direct rays from the sun into the home. The shade is translucent which allows excellent visibility from inside the home but works to block the sun from penetrating and heating the glass of the windows.

The sunshade on the window helps to reduce cooling costs inside a building by reducing radiant heat in the home through the glass. The reduction in the heat entering into the home helps to lower electricity bills and reduce use of an air conditioning unit. This can prolong use of the air conditioning unit by lowering the temperature in the home and lessening its continual load. This is a valuable asset to homes in areas with prolonged daylight hours and higher temperatures year round. The installation costs of solar window shades quickly pay for themselves because of the added savings within the home’s energy use. Sun shades for windows are wise investments that any home owner should consider.