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Solar Screen install in Dripping Springs TX

Dripping Springs solar screen installation.

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This customer’s home we installed chocolate solar screens on every window of the home. The chocolate fabric compliments the exterior stone you’re going to see there. It’s got brown and tannish looking stones at the front of the home.

On the left, right, and back side of the home you have brown and tannish colored bricks as well as the gutters and trim going around the home, that is in a tannish color. Therefore, it all compliments the chocolate fabric really well.

This particular Dripping Springs solar screen installation involved us putting solar screens on every window of the home to include a total of 27 solar screens. The sides that received the 90 percent are the back sides.

The back side of the home we put the solar screen fabric on all of the windows shown there that are not covered by the back patio. The windows under the back patio we put the 80 percent solar screen fabric. You will see by this picture, this customer even put solar screens over their back patio door as well as on their back patio door.

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This customer did not cut any corners. Had they left the solar screens off of those windows, aesthetically it would not have looked very good. I was very pleased with this Dripping Screens solar screen installation.

This home did have vinyl windows. Therefore, our solar screens had to be direct screwed to the vinyl windows.

You can see installation examples of how we install our solar screens onto vinyl windows by watching the following video.