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Saving Money and Keeping Cool is the Rule with Exterior Sun Screens for Windows

If you live in a southern climate you already know how important it is to keep your home cool and comfortable. Air conditioning is a boon, definitely. Canny homeowners realize, however, that relying just on air conditioning puts an undue strain on your budget. More importantly, air conditioning doesn’t stop the heat where it enters. Exterior sun screens for windows does.

Exterior sun screens create a barrier between the sun and the window itself. This shading eliminates direct heat. Windows do not get hot. The impact of less direct heat into you home is a cooler home, a less burdened cooling system and more money in your pocket. It’s been estimated that homeowners can save up to a quarter of their electricity bill by installing exterior sun screens for windows.

Generally, exterior sun screens for windows come in two varieties, specifically an eighty percent blocking ability and a ninety percent blocking ability. While many homeowners will find that an exterior screen with eighty percent blocking ability is suitable for their homes’ windows, there are exceptions. Westward facing rooms experiencing high temperatures for more than four hours a day on a regular basis can benefit from a ninety percent blocking screen.