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Pop-Decor Home Staging Services

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  • Vacant Accessory Home Staging Service

If you’re only interested in re-decorating your house and accentuating its best features, we can provide you with the best of accessories. The charges for this will be according to covered area of the house and are as follows;

$400.00 for 2500 sq. ft and under

$475.00 for 2500 sq. ft to 4000 sq. ft

$550.00 for 4000 sq. ft to 6000 sq. ft


  • Vacant Furnished Home Staging

If you want to accessorize as well as furnish your house, this option will suit you. Charges will depend upon the number of rooms furnished. The charges lie in the bracket of $750 to $1150 per month.


If your house is occupied, we’ll focus on improving various aspects of the entire landscape, both inside and outside the house, by looking into the following areas;


  1. Rearrangement of furniture and art
  2. Repainting
  3. Plumbing and lightening
  4. Flooring
  5. Verifying windows and doors
  6. Planting

The consultation charges for Occupied Home Staging are $175.00 for 2 hours, and $75.00 for one hour.

Our focus is to bring out the best features of your house and use them to give the feeling of a home to your prospective buyers. By emphasizing on the attractive features of the house and accessorizing them, we can make even old houses look like new.