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Home staging questions

For those of you who have never staged a home before you probably have 1000 questions running through your mind.  This is normal and I don’t fault you for but, the Internet cannot answer your entire question.  I understand how hopeful the search engines can be when trying to learn about any topic but, I recommend that you instead contact an Austin home stager yourself.  While an e-mail is great, take a few moments and call them on the phone.  This way you can have all your questions answered a matter of minutes.  Home stagers are well known for getting houses sold much quicker than they would if the sat empty and if you have questions about details of the service there is no better way to get an answer than to contact the home stager and ask yourself.

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One of the most common questions that I have come across over the years is, “can I leave my own pieces in the house?” The answer is yes and no.  There is no one specific checklist you can use when deciding which pieces of furniture or décor should stay in your home when trying to sell it.  You have to take it on a piece by piece basis.  The reason is that many homeowners decorate their home based on their own personal preferences.  There is nothing wrong with this but; your personal preferences are most likely different than the preferences of all potential buyers.  When trying to sell your home you have to sell the house to the taste of all potential buyers.  In other words you want to create a style that allows the buyer to envision him or herself living in.  You can compare this to purchasing their car.  When you buy a car from the dealership it comes with many standard options and style choices.  However, most buyers will then add personal preferences and options to the car.  While the options are great for the person who purchased them, they do not often fit those of other buyers who may later be interested in purchasing the car.  The job of you and your home stager is to create a space similar to the “brand new car at the dealership”.  You want it to the top of the line, elegant, and welcoming.  At the same time, you want to leave enough room in it that any buyer can easily add the custom touches that he or she wants.  By doing this you market your house to as many potential buyers as possible.  This can turn the selling time of your house from years into weeks with just the addition of a few pieces of furniture.