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Finding a decorator in your local area

You most likely purchased your beautiful home proud to be a resident of Austin, Texas. While your home is one in a million, the city of Austin, and the surrounding suburbs, is a huge area filled with many beautiful homes. Your dream of living on the plains may have arrived but, if you truly want your home to match the unique style of Texas you should consider having the home professionally designed by an interior decorator. An interior decorator will help match the natural beauty of your home with your tastes to create a cozy home you will never want to leave.

At first the entire process of contacting an interior decorator can seem overwhelming.  Just sit back and take a breath because it is not as bad as you think. The first step it to find a decorator in your local area. While you can pick one farther away, choosing one nearby will have the luxury of visiting your home before designing the space. Pictures may be great but, only through visiting the actual space can a decorator fully grasp the space that he or she has to work with. When you find a decorator I suggest you contact him or her to inquire about an in-home consultation (C). The truth is that this in home consultation is as much for the decorators benefit as it is for yours. While he or she gets to begin working on the space, you also have the luxury of talking to the decorator to see how knowledgeable they are. When they are coming out for a consultation you will also have the chance to view a scrapbook full of past job sites photos. This allows you to judge the professionalism of the designer and at the same time can turn into inspiration for your space. After all, you want your home to be unique but, many people in the same regional area may want to design the space with similar themes.

I urge you to begin your search through the yellow pages or decorator’s websites. This allows you to see previous jobs before calling but, at the end of the day you will have to call. Once you call you can get the ball rolling and begin the renovation of your space. Contacting is just the first step. Before making any commitments you should invite him or her out to your home. Once you both sit down and judge the necessary work you can start the planning and creation of your new home space.