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Exterior solar window screens

Years ago people would put up shades, curtains or blinds on their windows to keep the sun out and to have privacy. These preventive measures would work for a short time, but soon the shades would tear, and look shabby. Curtains became old and faded allowing the sun to come inside fading the furniture and carpeting. Blinds would break and would fall off leaving the window opened up for the sun to come shining through.

Finally after years of frustration homeowners finally found a better solution to keep their home looking great, help the environment and cut down on their utility bills by investing in exterior solar window screens. The screens help to reduce the heat from the sun and the cold wind in the winter, so they are great all year round. It is best to put the screens on all the windows of your home so no matter the time of day your home will be protected. The screens are very strong and will stand up to any kind of weather, animals and insects. By investing in exterior solar window screens your home will increase in value.