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Exterior Solar Screens for Windows Offer a Wide Array of Advantages to Homeowners

Installing exterior solar screens for your windows can have a lot of considerable advantages for you and your home in a wide variety of ways. Not only are exterior solar screens a great way to help lower your home’s utility bills, but they can also make your home more comfortable and more attractive at the same time. Among the top advantages of solar screens is the fact that they not only save you money on your bills, but they also are very economical to install. All of this with the added bonus that today’s solar screens are very easy to live with and last a long time.

When choosing to install exterior solar screens on your windows, you will find that you have a great many choices in terms or screen color and frame color. The high-quality metal clips used by better screen makers can often be ordered in matching color to the frame so everything looks seemless and unified.

The high-end offerings of today’s screen utilize SunTex Fabric by Phifer. This material has a density rating of up to 90% and blocks the most heat and UV possible. It is tear proof, pet proof and most of all guaranteed for 10 years of care-free living.

If you are looking to increase your homes value, enhance its appearance, and get a break on those high utility bills, you should consider all of the advantages that installing exterior solar screens on your windows can have. There are so many reasons to do it, why not look into it today.