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Home staging questions

For those of you who have never staged a home before you probably have 1000 questions running through your mind.  This is normal and I don’t fault you for but, the Internet cannot answer your entire question.  I understand how hopeful the search engines can be when trying to learn about any topic but, I […]

Home Staging in Austin

Home staging Austin is one of the many things you will need to do when looking to sell a home. When staging a home you will want to do a few things. These things include cleaning the house by vacuuming floors and dusting furniture. You will also want to arrange furniture and decorations in order […]

Have you Tried Home Staging?

Have you tried home staging? If you haven’t, you should look into it because it can mean the difference in selling your home quickly or selling your home much later. Home staging is efficient, productive and fascinating! Home staging is a great deal more than cleaning, decorating and getting rid of clutter; although getting rid […]