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Austin’s Coolest Hotel

Refreshments Austin Luxury Suite

Every city has one hotel that stands out from all the rest. It has a unique flavor that captures the essence of the city it is located in and perfectly represents the area’s culture and history. Numerous other hotels try to duplicate the setting and ambiance but there is no substitute for the original. The Austin Luxury Suite is that Austin hotel in the Texas capital. Each room is decorated with original artwork from some of the most notable local artists. The rooms themselves are artistic works using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Walls are hand carved from limestone slabs removed from local quarries and accented with hardwood and tiles. The use of Red Oak and Black Walnut in the furniture, beams and supports gives the structure that cool austin hotels feel. While the surroundings will transport you into the rich history of Austin, the modern luxuries are also present. Each suite has a projection television and a 55” LCD flat panel TV with a BluRay player and the ability to connect your iPod, tablet or laptop computer. Real materials in a real Texas local rich with Texan history is what makes Austin Luxury Suite the coolest hotel in Austin. For more info head on over to http://www.austinluxurysuite.com